November 28, 2023

Benefits of Medical Puncture Needle by Stamping Processing

The medical puncture needle is a medical device that can be used for tissue sampling and injection treatment of kidneys, liver, lungs, breasts, thyroid and other organs during minimally invasive surgery. As an essential part of medical equipment, medical puncture needles are widely used in clinical medicine. Traditional medical puncture needles are manufactured mainly by casting or cutting. However, with the advancement of process technology and changes in market demand, stamping process has gradually become the leading manufacturing method of medical puncture needles. This article will detail the reasons and benefits of stamping process of medical puncture needles from the perspective of production principles and process technology.

Why Use Stamping Process in Medical Puncture Needles? Where are the benefits?medical-puncture-needle

Efficient & Fast

Stamping is an efficient metal processing method. Compared with traditional cutting processes, stamping is quicker and can complete the forming of devices quickly and accurately. One impact can achieve Multiple functions simultaneously, resulting in high production efficiency.

High Precision & Good Consistency

The stamping process can achieve high-precision production, allowing the size and shape of the puncture needle to be strictly controlled. The puncture needle needs to pierce the skin accurately when used. If the size and shape are inaccurate, it will significantly affect the use effect and physical fitness. Stamping manufacturing can ensure the size consistency of each puncture needle, and the quality and precision of the product are improved. That is a perfect guarantee.

Low Cost & Avoid Waste

The stamping process uses molds and stamping machinery and equipment for production and is formed in one go. The shapes of multiple puncture needles are stamped onto the material simultaneously, minimizing material waste. Compared with traditional cutting processes, the molds used in stamping have longer service lives, reducing production costs. At the same time, the stamping process also lessens waste materials and processing times, improves material utilization, and further reduces costs.

Reduce Production Process

Stamping can quickly produce products with complex shapes and diverse structures. Puncture needles come in various shapes and systems, and the stamping process uses molds that are easy to design and manufacture and can flexibly adapt to different product needs. Multiple puncture needles of various shapes can be stamped from the same material simultaneously. And the stamping machinery and equipment in the stamping process can be adjusted and controlled to adapt to the manufacturing requirements of puncture needles of different sizes.

Smooth Surface & Reduced Subsequent Processing

The stamping process can achieve a smoother and uniform product surface, reducing following surface treatment processes. The surface quality of puncture needles directly impacts patient comfort and experience. The stamping process can achieve a smoother and uniform product surface in one stamping process, reducing subsequent grinding or polishing processes and saving manufacturing costs and time.

In Conclusion

The quality of medical puncture needles is directly related to the patient’s medical experience. An excellent medical puncture needle can prevent patients from unnecessary pain or trauma. While a poor-quality puncture needle has a rough surface or sharp edges, is not strong enough, or is unsuitable for specific applications. When used during the puncture process, it may cause damage to the patient’s skin or blood vessels, which not only increases the risk of pain or trauma but also increases the possibility of doctor-patient problems. Therefore, to ensure the safety and effectiveness of medical operations, choosing high-quality medical puncture needles is essential.

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