March 24, 2023

Electrical Spring Contacts Work on Car Electric System

As the world transitions from ICE (Internal Burning Engine) to electric-powered vehicles, the innovation and components needed to sustain that change will also change. Modern automotive has a series of electrical connectors and terminals or electrical spring contacts that regulate the inner system. The major elements of an ICE  vehicle’s electric system are the starter, battery, and generator.

How Does Your Automotive’s Electric System Work?

The primary feature of a vehicle’s electric system is to generate and store energy while providing electrical current to power the various cars and truck systems. Including power home windows, digital devices, electric gauges, a central securing device, and more. This system uses accuracy control and also comfort of operations.

The electrical system is incorporated throughout the vehicle to ensure interaction between all parts of the auto with the help of a main computer. Power is distributed from the major battery via a PDU (Power Distribution Device) to every one of the various other elements within the lorry.

Vehicle Electric System Accuracy Metal Stamping Parts


How does Heju Stamping play a role in the automotive electric system?

We produce precision metal stamping parts for various electronic components. We focus on copper alloy spring contacts which can be discovered in nearly every part within the vehicle’s electric system.

Some of the main parts of an automobile’s electric system include the following:



A terminal is a conductor affixed to the completion of a cable within the automotive. It is easily connects the numerous electrical components within your automotive. Nearly all of the wire terminals within a car are produced using the progressive stamping process. These auto crimp terminals are accountable for electric conductivity by offering power to the car’s systems in addition to mechanical and electrical resistance to stand up to dangerous elements. As a result, the durability and excellent quality of the vehicle terminal connectors are vital.

Wire Harnesses

Wire harnesses are bundled cords and data circuits, but they are much more than that. Think about a cord harness as the nerve system of the car. Every switch, light bulb, sensor, assembly, regulator,  gauge, or button requires power from the wire harness and usually supplies a signal back to an additional element. As vehicles come to a growing number of the complex using sensors, the demand for more complicated cable harnesses with even more connection factors becomes bigger.

Switches Spring Contacts

The EV switches within the vehicle’s electrical system shut off or switches the power supply off from a battery circuit system. These buttons safeguard the car, in addition to those around it, from unintended electrical shock. The most typical or easily well-known instance of an automotive switch is the one made used to elevate and reduce the windows. Switches give high-performance security due to their interlacing design, which prevents a false power supply. Heju Stamping supplies vital components utilized within these switches, such as spring contacts or crimp terminal pins.

Lithium Battery Rupture Discssquare-lithium-battery-rupture-disc

Battery Bursting discs or Rupture disks come in various designs, sizes, shapes, and set pressures. They can be installed on cylindrical, coin, prismatic, or pouch cells.

Heju Stamping is a precision electronic components stamping manufacturer in China. It entered the field of new energy-power battery parts in 2016. Besides, It began developing and producing new-energy lithium battery rupture disks, sealed aluminum nails, power battery cover plates, and other structural parts. There are many models with different specifications. For example, The blasting value remains stable, safe, and reliable. The extreme difference of single blasting value is within 0.03MPa, and the CPK value can reach above 4.0.

Custom Precision Stamping Service From Heju

A car’s electrical system requires quality components to ensure maximum, secure performance. Heju Stamping is a leading automotive stamping parts manufacturer that offers a variety of high-grade car electrical system parts. Including electrical spring contacts, switch contacts, crimp wire terminals, battery rupture discs and more. Besides, We utilize advanced modern technology and our industry expertise to give you premium-quality electrical system auto components that provide superior efficiency and optimal return.

We have been cetified with IATF:16949, ISO:9001 & ISO:14001. So you can rest assured that we have the experience and the top-quality system essential to meet the altering demands of today’s automotive electric system market. Please send an email to us now for a free quote!