October 17, 2023

New Energy Vehicle Crimp Terminals-Principle of Contact Resistance

What are New Energy Vehicle Crimp Terminals?


New Energy Vehicle Crimp Terminals are the pins or sockets crimp contacts that make up the conductive element of a circuit. It is used to transfer electricity or power around a vehicle in order for its electrical systems to function correctly, robustly and repeatably.

Where are New Energy Vehicle Connector Terminals Used?


The new energy vehicle connectors terminals on the entire vehicle are mainly used for the following systems:

  • Power batteries
  • High-voltage wiring harnesses
  • Switches
  • Electric air conditioning
  • DC charging ports
  • AC charging ports
  • Motors
  • Inverters, etc.

High voltage and high current are used for power, from charging ports to batteries. And from batteries to motors, as well as inside the battery pack. In addition to power, there are also signal control, instruments, temperature, lighting, control, etc., as well as various sensors, BMS, entertainment systems, etc.

Principle of Contact Resistance on New energy Automotive Connector Contacts male-crimp-contacts

New energy vehicle crimp terminals are an important component in new energy vehicles. It plays a role in connection and transmission, and contact resistance is the main electrical performance of automotive connectors. It directly affects the signal transmission and electrical connections of various electrical equipment in new energy vehicles. Besides, it also affects various Working stability, safety and reliability of electrical equipment.

Meaning of Contact Resistance in New Energy Vehicle Connector

The contact resistance of a new energy vehicle connector refers to the additional resistance formed between the contact surfaces of the male terminal and the female terminal after a pair of male and female connectors are connected. Through microscopic analysis of the terminal contact surface, it can be seen that after the male terminal and the female terminal are plugged in, the contact of the terminal is not the contact of the entire contact surface but some contact points distributed on the contact surface. The sum of the areas of each contact point is the actual contact area.

Surface Roughness of the Contact Surface

The surface roughness of the contact surface determines the number of contact points. And the positive force of the terminal contact interface and the material hardness of the contact piece jointly determine the contact area of each contact point. Therefore, the surface roughness and surface hardness of the contact interface and the terminal The normal force determines the actual contact area.

In fact, there is no truly clean metal surface in the air. Even a very clean metal surface will quickly form an initial oxide film of a few microns once it is exposed to the air.

Based on the existence of the oxide film on the contact surface, the actual contact area can be divided into two parts:

  • One is the contact area of the base metal of the male terminal and the female terminal. It is determined by the normal force between the contact surfaces of the male terminal and the female terminal. It is formed after the thermal action destroys the oxide film between the contact surfaces. This part of the contact accounts for about 5% to 10% of the actual contact area.
  • The other is the contact area after the contact interface oxide film. It is formed by the isolation of the contact interface by the surface oxide film formed when the male& female terminal are exposed to the atmosphere.


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